Through our partnerships with some of the world’s top travel companies we can book travel to every corner of the globe. When you contact Charity Travel we will learn more about your interests and refer you to the best company to plan your adventure.

Below are the 10 places we are obsessed with for 2018.

Volcanos National Park, Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park is home to the iconic and endangered mountain gorilla and, in June, Bisate Lodge will set a new standard of luxury for lodges in the area and offer a base for mountain gorilla trekking. Bisate Lodge will also support conservation and community project, with its first phase focusing on indigenous reforestation of a core 26-hectare site.


Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Ruaha National Park is the largest park in Tanzania and with only a handful of visitors at any one time in an area the size of New Jersey, this is an exceptionally exclusive safari experience. In September 2017 Asilia will open Jabali Ridge: 10 suites hidden amongst the rocky boulders that surround the property. An infinity pool, spa and plenty of places to laze ensure that time off is as memorable as time out in the bush.



Madagascar is one of the most ecologically unique countries with 80% of its flora and fauna endemic to the island. You can watch lemurs bounce through the trees, explore incredible national parks and enjoy widely diverse landscapes and fascinating local villages as you travel from the highlands to the coast. New Airlink flights from Johannesburg to Nosy Be have expanded access to the northern stretches of the country. Recently opened, Miavana is Madagascar’s most well-appointed property to date.


Volunteer Animal Monitoring, Southern Africa  

Get involved in real endangered wildlife conservation and have the ultimate African wildlife experience while doing it.  Wildlife ACT allows volunteers to choose from a range of wildlife volunteering opportunities that currently have WWF-supported volunteer projects in South Africa, the Seychelles, Botswana and Malawi. Conservation volunteering in South Africa is done across 5 different reserves in Zululand and focuses on volunteering with endangered species.


Polar Bear Tour, Canada  

Travel to the remote and frozen wilderness in the Arctic circle to the heart of the polar bear migration in Winnepeg.  This is one of the best ways to see these powerful and beautiful creatures up close. Added bonus can be watching the magical northern lights paint the sky. Stay at the The Arviat Polar Bear Cabins which offers safe bear viewing day and night.


Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya

Ol Pejeta offers the combination of wildlife conservation with an unforgettable visitor experience at a hands-on wildlife preservation. You will not only observe, but also contribute to securing the future of these endangered species by helping rangers track them using radio antenna and identifying them based on whisker patterns. Asilia operates the Ol Pejeta Bush Camp which is on the reserve and offers the perfect hub.



Iceland is a guaranteed unforgettable and phenomenal experience. Chase the northern lights in a dreamlike volcanic setting or drive across Nordic glaciers and explore the extra-terrestrial topography by robust super jeeps and private helicopters. Enjoy your adventures by day and unwind at night with Reykjavik’s legendary nightlife.


Ecuador is home to diverse topography from the Pacific Coast to the Sierra Highlands, and the Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands. Whether on a luxury boat or a homey eco-lodge, your time here will be spent exploring the depths of the jungles. Exotic animals like jaguars, anacondas, iguanas, monkeys, and pink dolphins reside in these forests, which also offer with magnificent bird watching.



Luxury travel in Japan offers a look at grandiose landscape, vast crossroads of history, and outstanding cuisine. In Japan you can travel by high-speed trains to view the cityscapes of Tokyo and Osaka or the tranquil green tea plantations. See kimono-clad geishas in Kyoto or visit the hot springs resort in Hakone or Yamashiro and Yamanaka.


Travel to Cuba was off limits to US for five decades, now you can take advantage of this unique destination. Cuba has architecture dating back to the 1500s, with beautiful beaches and mountainous views.  Spanning thousands of miles, the island's landscape is as varied as its heritage. Explore Havana, filled with classic cars and the scent of fine cigars. The island is also home to the Viñales Valley, a national park surrounded by mountains, where tobacco farms produce the best cigars in the world.